5 Must-Have Apps for when Travelling in Australia

If you’re lucky enough to be jetting off to Australia soon and want to make the absolute most out of your trip, a good way to do so is to download some apps to help you out with different aspects of your travels. There are countless great and useful apps out there for travel, and there are even social media pages out there such as Bravofly on Twitter to help you choose the best flights! We’ve also handpicked 5 of the best that are specific to Australian voyages. And the best bit? Most of them are free!

1. There’s Nothing Like Australia

Explore Australia from your phone or tablet device with this free app brought to you by Tourism Australia. It includes videos, destination guides, travel stories and ideas so that you can get all the inspiration you’ll need to help you book and plan the perfect Australian adventure! It’s available from both the iTunes store and Android store and is updated regularly so you’ll never be behind when it comes to finding out about great, interesting things to do in the land down under!

Cost: Free

2. Australian Road Trips

Planning a driving holiday in a foreign country can be quite daunting, so this app will be a lifesaver if that’s on your list. It includes 40 detailed driving itineraries from family drives to off-road adventures. It’s also great as the itineraries include ideas and details on where to eat and sleep during your drives too which are really useful and can take that huge hassle away from you.

Cost: $4.49

3. Appy Travels

One of the major pluses of Appy Travels is that it works offline, so if you’re away from wifi range in the middle of the Australian outback, you can still access it! This app gives detailed info on some of the best parts of this amazing country, from busy, well known towns to suburbs off the beaten track. It features maps, exclusive deals and even a phrase book!

Cost: Free

4. Stayz

This free app is a must if you’re after some ideas and details on where to stay in Australia. It has over 25,000 different types of accommodation listed on it, complete with reviews, a photo gallery, rates and descriptions so that you can make an informed decision on where you settle each night.

Cost: Free

5. Australia Bushwalking

If the incredible out backs and bushwalks of Australia interests you, then this is definitely the app for you. This app details 90 bushwalks across the whole of the country, including the Larapinta Trail and the Great Ocean Walk. Listed by state and broken down into different categories including guided, overnight, desert, river and full day etc, it’s the ideal app for those wanting to choose the best walk for them. It was created by author and avid walker Melanie Ball, and it includes hints and tips from her personal experiences every step of the way.

Cost: $4.49

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