Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

There are some places you just can’t take a regular tent – and those are the places the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock comes into its own. Rough country holds no fears for it, and whether you’re in deep forest or high in the hills, this hammock will let you travel light and fast.

The hammock weighs only four and a quarter pounds, despite being made of high quality nylon and incorporating anti-insect netting. There are a pair of interior pockets for storage, and a stuff sack is included. You can also stay dry when it’s wet outside, thanks to the interior pockets and bordered rain tarp.

Available from Lawson Hammock for $139.99.

Images via. Uncrate.

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  • Reply August 10, 2013


    Wow neat! When I saw this I had to click right away. I didn’t realize what it was at first but I thought it was cool and wanted one. I thought it was a sleep outside screen tent but then when I saw it was a hammock it made me even more excited about it! I love hammocks as it is but to know that I could sleep outside without being totally saturated in bug spray before bed sounds great to me!

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