Camera Lens Coffee Mug

People travel to see the world, and to share what they see with others – so a good camera has a place in any list of essential travel accessories. So, of course, does coffee. Combine the two and you get this brilliant concept. Based on Canon’s popular 24-105 mm lens, it’s the perfect option for refreshment on your travels.

The mug is complete with autofocus switch, zoom rings and focus controls, and is topped off by a lid that is – of course – shaped like a lens cap. The only problem is that, because it looks so realistic, you might startle some onlookers as they seem to see you ruining your precious photographic equipment for the sake of a drink!

Available from Photojojo for $24.

Images via. Trendland.

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    Haha I had to check this out.. it looks really cool and would be fun to use to mess with people! LOL!!

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