Cocoon – Grid It Organizer

If you take a pile of electronic gadgets on your travels – and who doesn’t, these days? – then you’ll know the frustration that comes with being unable to find the one you really need right now. The Grid-It Organzer does away with that problem thanks to its wonderfully flexible, versatile system.

It fits snugly inside an iPad case and allows you to arrange your devices and other small items just the way you want. The rubberized elastic construction keeps everything safe, and the whole thing weighs less than four ounces. It looks good and works even better. What more could a traveler ask for?

Available from for $11.17.

Images via. Tools&Toys.

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  • Reply October 25, 2013

    jon terns

    What a genius idea! And it fits in an iPad case? I know quite a few of my friends who will be receiving these for the holidays! I wouldn’t have thought to use the stretch web material to hold everything in place, but it looks like it works well.

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