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Traveling the world isn’t always cheap, so it’s important to get the best deal you can on currency conversions. An ideal solution is this elegant and inexpensive currency app for iOS from Simple Simple. More than 160 countries’ currencies can be converted in an instant, with flag symbols so you’ll never get confused.

The interface is uncluttered and clear, based on gestures to mean you’re only ever a swipe away from calling up the conversions you need the most. There’s also a great trend feature, showing how your chosen exchange rate has changed over the past few months. This app will save you a lot more than it costs to buy!

Available from iTunes for $1.

Images via. Uncrate.

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  • Reply August 10, 2013


    This app seems like it would be very useful and for the one dollar it costs you would likely end up saving a whole lot more money over time!

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