Storm Kettle

Some campers might see hot water as a luxury. You probably see it as more of a necessity! Boiling water can be vital for safety reasons, but you might simply want a good, hot cup of tea or coffee to start off your day the right way. This striking kettle will ensure you can get that. Anywhere.

You heat the kettle by making a small fire in its base – which can be fueled by twigs, grass… anything that comes to hand. The Storm Kettle weighs only two and a half pounds, and is made in the UK – where they know a thing or two about how to make tea. Just three minutes to make 40 fl. oz. of hot water!

Available from Lehman’s for $109.95.

Images via. Uncrate.

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    Interesting concept. I would like to get one of these to see how it works.

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