The Ringtool

This is a very nicely designed multi-tool, which packs an enormous number of features into a tiny package. It weighs only one ounce, yet will last you for years because of its hardened, tempered stainless steel construction.

You hold the Ringtool between your thumb and forefinger, operating it like you would a door key. As well as making adjustments to your bike, it can be used for fixing snowboard bindings, putting together furniture… or even opening a well-deserved beer!

As well as a bottle-cap opener and no fewer than five hexheads, there are three types of screwdriver and two spoke wrenches. It’s so small and handy that you can keep it on a keyring and take it with you wherever you go – making it a traveler’s dream.

Available from Kickstarter for $25.

Images via. Kickstarter.

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    I’m buying one of these right now! This is the coolest product I have seen come from a kickstarter in a long time! Thanks for sharing this!

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