True Utility Cashstash Cash Capsule

Despite our so-called plastic society, sometimes there’s just no alternative to cash for the traveler. Especially in more remote parts of the world, it can be a real lifesaver – but the time you realize that the most is often when you lose it. That’s where a Cashstash can come to the rescue.

A tiny capsule, only half an inch across and a couple of inches long, it fits onto a keyring and makes the perfect place to store your emergency funds. It’s fully waterproof and made of aircraft-grade aluminum, and just the right size for a tightly rolled bill. Never be stranded without a taxi fare again!

Available from Amazon for $5.80.

Images via. MenKind.


  • Reply August 10, 2013


    That’s a pretty cool idea! Then unless someone takes off with your keys you’re all set. I don’t think most people that are trying to steal your cash are going to try and take your keys. I would totally use something like this!

  • Reply October 25, 2013

    val yenko

    Ingenious!! I will usually hesitate to buy something when I only have my credit cards either because the expense is so low or because the area I am in doesn’t seem safe enough to give out my card information. Some hidden cash tucked away in my key chain is a really good idea!

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